Sunday, August 13, 2006

Thank you cards

I know this is early for thank you cards for my bridal showers but I couldn't resist at Target. They called out to me. :) $2.99 for 12. I bought 5 packs. I do have 2 showers to go to and I've got to cover my basis.

I may be AWOL for the next couple weeks or at minimum posting less than usual. I signed up for a Compensation Management course at the beginning of the summer and with it being summer, wedding planning and just pure procrastination, I've just started the course readings and assignments and the course ends in a couple weeks! Yikes! I was good and finished all the discussion activity questions today but have three assignments to do (will finish one today) but two are 2500 words each. Ouch. This will cut into my wedding Internet surfing. I just hope I can concentrate on studying...

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