Thursday, August 24, 2006

Shopping in the US

For those that know me, you know that I have a passion for shopping. Given the monetary situation or the lack thereof, I've become very resourceful and frugal. No more Coach purses for me (even at the outlet store). :(

On Sunday, on the way back from the wedding in Ellicottville, we did some shopping. We stopped off at Target (my favourite bargain store). I picked up this skirt in red for $12.99.

In Niagara Falls, USA, we went to Steve & Barry's University Sportswear. My coworker told me about this store a couple weeks ago and how it was such a deal. All items were $6.97 and under. Now, all stores are apparently priced
differently (e.g. could be $9.97 and under or something) but we lucked out and also got the $6.97 deal. Very Old Navy like but cheaper! Now, I found this store to be more successful for guys (Shaun picked up jeans, cargo pants and a Guayabera shirt) but I still was able to find jeans that fit perfectly. I can't find expensive jeans to fit well but $6.97 ones worked great! Decent wash selection too. We also picked out some t-shirts with slogans for the groomsmen. Steve & Barry's charges so little for their clothing as they do not advertise but obviously have a following with their prices. Some items were hit or miss (e.g. wool blazers that barely fit my arms as they are poorly proportioned) but it's worth a look if you're going outlet shopping already.

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