Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I took Friday off last week and we went to Ellicottville, NY for the weekend. We went for KC and Josh's wedding at Holiday Valley. We golfed on Friday (we won highest score and I got shortest drive - of course, my first time playing 18 holes) and the wedding was on Saturday. Unfortunately, it was pouring on Saturday so no outdoor ceremony as planned. Instead, the ceremony took place inside in front of the fireplace in the lodge. Not outside but still wonderful. I didn't take pictures of the details (I'm a bad bride-to-be. :P) but KC did have a candy buffet set up, names of places they've been to for table numbers, poems for getting the bride and groom to kiss... The one bad thing about the candy buffet was that it was supposed to be for late-night (e.g. after dinner) but it was set up inside before the ceremony. Everyone snacked on it all through the night and I didn't even get a chance to get any. Anyway, here is one of the shots that Shaun took. KC was radiant. She had her dress custom-made.

Congrats Katherine and Josh!

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