Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I just got back from DC this evening and just took some pictures. Will upload them tomorrow.

Honeymoon Registry

Having lived with Shaun for the past 2 and a half years and us each having apartments before that, we've both accumulated a lot of furniture, appliances, etc. While we'll still register for the traditional wedding registries, like The Bay and Canadian Tire for formal china, nice towels, a tent, patio furniture and other upgrade items, what we would really like (or I should say really NEED) is cash. How do we politely tell people that?

It seems a popular registry is one for honeymoons. There are a number of options available. Some through travel agents and some stand-alone companies online. We decided to go with the latter. One that is endorsed by the Couples Resorts chain is Honeymoon Wishes. It is US-based and easy to set up. Because of the Couples association, our resort was listed in their pre-made list of resorts and we picked and chose activities that we would like to do specifically at Couples Swept Away. In addition to the ones listed there, we could add our own activities or items (e.g. night snorkeling which sounds amazing!). There is a service charge to use this registry service but not bad at 7.5% - its less than tax and no wrapping required for your guests! While a dollar amount is given for each activity, what the bride and groom actually gets is a cheque in the mail.

While not all of our guests will be gung-ho on a honeymoon registry, I hope my friends will consider it (I've already passed on the word to my bridesmaids).

Take a look at our registry.

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