Friday, August 04, 2006

So we've been back since Wednesday and I've been in cottage mode! Busy catching up with work and have quite a bit to blog about.

Shaun and I are heading to Tracy & Anthony's wedding tomorrow and I'm trying to finish a necklace (and maybe earrings) to wear. I will post if I get it finished. :)

I'm currently looking into honeymoon pricing. We've decided to to Couples Swept Away in Negril, Jamaica for 9 nights. I've found a decent price with Honeymoons Inc. for US$3777 (including trip cancellation insurance) for the Ocean Verandah Suite. This is for the resort only as I've travelled for work so much that we're flying business class on points to Jamaica (Yippee!). I'm trying to see if I can find better pricing with Canadian travel agents but I'm not sure I will - the deal we'd get with Honeymoon Inc. is for a double room upgrade. The same rooom if booked directly with Couples is US$4365!

Here is an aerial shot from the website:

I finally got my brooch from my coworker in the States (cheaper to ship within US). I will post a picture tomorrow. It's pink and perfect!

We're looking forward to the Long Weekend although I'm travelling for work Monday afternoon so it'll be cut short a bit.

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