Sunday, July 23, 2006

I'm going to start working on a business plan but that will take a while so the next couple of posts will be dedicated to wedding planning!

I religiously check the messageboard of Weddingbells, Frugal Bride and Couples. As Shaun lovingly refers it to my "wedding porn". I really can't seem to get enough of it!

Since being engaged on April 2nd and setting the date for May 26, 2007, lots of planning has happened. I'm a little tired of people asking what has been done but that's probably because so much has been done and then I start reciting my long list. While the wedding is still 10 months away, the vendors that we wanted to go with are pretty popular and it really is "you snooze, you lose". Some of the ones that I approached in early May were already booked! I think its better to be prepared and ready than searching when the good vendors are booked. I'll post a couple of items each day (most are already detailed our w

Our venue: Kleinburg Golf Club
We had visited so many places before seeing KGC. Most of the venues that we checked out were fine, that is, there was something positive about the place but there was something (generally pretty major) that we didn't like about it. With KGC, we loved it. The only negative is that its about 15 minutes away from the closest hotel which is not too bad I guess. We really loved the fact that we could get married outside in front of their gazebo.

Our Bridal Party:
We chose them right away! They're listed on our wedsite (with pictures).

Our Officiant: Rev. Frank Russell
The wedding coordinator at Kleinburg Golf Club, Wendy, provided us with a list of referral for services (even before we signed the contract). I heard some good feedback off of Frugal Bride and we decided to meet with Frank. He's very talkative and seems like a kind man.

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