Monday, July 24, 2006

I'll write about some of my attire for my wedding today but first I'll start with my new purchase this afternoon:

I got the Crocs in fushia! :) I'm all ready for the cottage next week. They'll also be perfect for our honeymoon next year when we go walking in the waterfalls.

My dress:
I know Shaun looks at this site but he has promised not to look at this link to my dress.

I never actually tried any dresses on in Canada. I was visiting my friend Jen in New York and tried on some at Kleinfeld's (super expensive) and at RK Bridal (reasonably priced). RK Bridal is where I found my dress. Someone else was trying on this dress and I patiently waited until she was done with it. Now, I'm the type to be in and out of dresses in less than 5 minutes (its hot and heavy!) and this girl was in hers for like 20 minutes plus. She was even holding fake ugly flowers to see if she felt like a bride. :P I ended up trying on about 10 dresses and ordered my dress from Netbride. I ordered it in early June and the outside date is in October. I can't wait to get my dress.

My Shoes:
I hate my feet! I have very, very flat feet that are not conducive to shoe shopping. I love shoes! See the conflict? I'm actually a bit glad for my horribly shaped feet - they save me a lot of money from buying all the shoes I love in the stores. Finding wedding shoes was a nightmare. I went everywhere (and I do mean everywhere). I wanted silver sandals. That sounds like an easy order but given my flat feet and my dislike for stilettos (and they are the in shoe this season), these shoes were almost impossible to find. I ended up at an outlet mall and found my shoes at The Shoe Warehouse for $39.99. I can deal with the price and my feet are happy in them. :) I will, however, be changing into comfy platform flip-flops for dancing later in the evening.

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