Saturday, July 22, 2006

Day two, on a roll!

It's not a great day, weather-wise. Our barbecue that we were supposed to go to got cancelled. I did get in a 12K run this morning and am now starving. We need to go get some groceries!

I've been looking into jewelry making further. I've found some decent websites for bead prices (Canadian and US) and am looking into the process of registering my "business" and getting a vendor license (to get wholesale discount pricing). There is an exhaustive list of websites with information about starting a business in Ontario. So far, I've found this website useful: Your Guide to Small Business

I've also found this site helpful and am still reading through it:
The Home Jewelry Business Resource

There is a ton of information on the BeadStyle Magazine Forum. I am such a messageboard junkie!

Looks like an Internet surfing day...

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