Wednesday, August 27, 2008

With only 5 days to go before we leave for our Peru trip, we're basically all ready! Well I'm practically packed and Shaun will be ready this weekend after some laundry.

I found a great tool last month while looking for a way to organize all the details to our trip. While I was using excel originally, I found Tripit on one of the websites I visited. It's an easy way to create an itinerary of your travel details, e.g. flights and hotels and then not only have access to it online but be able to share it with loved ones while you're away.

Once I set up my account, all I had to do was email my confirmations and the details populated in the trip. Once your info is there, flight information such as departure time is updated automatically and there's a feature to see which seat you've actually selected. My only gripe with it is that it didn't support some of my travel confirmations that were in Spanish but the info can be still entered in manually and flight information will still be updated if the flight number is entered in.

While I don't do much business travel anymore, it would be great to organize work stuff all in one place. With this vacation, I've printed off my itinerary and can check online at the plethora of cheap internet cafes in Peru if I need to reference it.

I'll hopefully be blogging regularly while in Peru, ideally with some pictures!

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