Friday, May 23, 2008

Free Dove chocolate!

Get a Free Dove® Pleasure Kit! -

Matchstick, Canada's word of mouth marketing company, is looking for 300 connected and highly social chocolate lovers in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver to treat to the rich creamy melt of Dove® chocolate. New to Canada, Dove® offers creamy chocolate in 4 varieties – 71% Cocoa, Dark, Dusk™ and Milk.

If you:
* Are female
* A chocolate lover
* Live in urban Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver
* Are between the ages of 25 and 45
* Are socially active online/offline
* Talk/blog about it whenever the opportunity arises

What’s in it for you?
Should you qualify for our program, we will send you your very own Dove® Pleasure Kit, including Dove® chocolate in all flavours and formats – for FREE!

I'm always looking for a freebie and got my own pleasure kit earlier this week. The chocolate is yummy! I got a ton of chocolate to share (dark, milk and dusk), a tote bag, a journal and a wine glass.

They are still looking for women in the above cities so see if you qualify. If not, I should be receiving a link to you get your own chocolate in the next couple weeks and I'll post it when I do!

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