Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Mississauga's Perfect Couple Contest

Last month, I submitted Shaun's and my application for a contest that the Mississauga News is holding. The prize: A honeymoon vacation! Now, we already booked something but it can be cancelled and we can save thousands of dollars. Also, it would be just cool to win a big contest like this. Basically the premise is that they randomly select you to be one of 24 finalist couples who vie for the honeymoon. The winner is determined by the most votes. These electronic votes can be from anyone and not just Mississaugians. I will need everyone's help!

We found out the day before that we're selected to be one of the 24!!! I will post the details for voting shortly. Basically, we have to get votes in December and the end date is January 11 for voting. We find out the winners on January 14 at the Mississauga Bridal Show.

Our info and pics aren't up yet but to see last year's contest, go to

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