Monday, November 13, 2006

Asian Glow/ Blush

So those who know me know that I turn beet read after one - two drinks (depending on the libation). Now, after years of drinking in university, I'm not a lush but definitely look like one. With certain types of alcohol, I actually break out into a rash which is super unattractive.

After reading Weddingbee the other day about remedies for this problem (it's actually a genetic defect as we're missing an enzyme to break down the alcohol). After some googling, I found out there are H2 blockers that minimize the effects of the redness (some people actually turn purple!). And the most commonly available one marketed for other purposes:
I tried it Saturday and while I only had two drinks, I didn't turn as red as usual. Hallelujah! I'm glad to find this out before the wedding as I'm planning on partaking in the open bar.

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