Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Busy Week

My compensation course is over! Woohoo! Finished writing the exam last Wednesday, went to Karmen's birthday dinner on Thursday, joined the gym and had a session Friday and went to the National Bridal Show Saturday morning.

National Bridal Show

Thanks to Weddingbells, Shaun and I got to go to the show for free. We headed out pretty early for a Saturday morning and got there at about 10:30. The parking lot at the International Centre was already starting to fill up but the actual show was not too packed. We stopped off at the Weddingbells table to enter a contest to win a free honeymoon (I know we already booked ours but a second honeymoon would come in handy). The girl handed us two Weddingbells magazines but I gave the last issue back. No need to carry two gigantic magazines when I already have one. We stopped off at William Ashley's booth for their catalogue and a free chocolate dipped fortune cookie. Their bags were funky in fuschia and green but the handle was uncomfortable!

We stopped off at a couple of tuxedo places and signed up for the Moore's deal. For a $10 refundable deposit, you get the show special of $75 for each tuxedo you rent and that includes everything including the shoes (which to me is kinda gross to rent but whatever). With four tuxedos rented, the fifth one is free. What's great too is that since Moore's is across the country and one of our groomsmen is in Calgary, Chris can get measured there and pick up the suit here. Talk about convenience!

The second great deal that we found was pre-registering at The Bay and Homeoutfitters. By doing so at the show and going to the stores before October 31 to add a couple items, we would get $25 giftcards for each store. We were planning on registering for a couple things anyway so what an incentive. :)

Apart from Weddingbells, we entered into the Canadian Bride honeymoon contest (another free magazine there), Canadian Tire $1000 giveaway and only a couple others. Too many sketchy vendors that wanted our information in exchange for a chance to win a questionable prize.

One way I was able to coax Shaun to go to the show was bribe him with the cake samples. We ended up with only two cake samples but also got some chocolate fountain. Not bad, more treats would have been great.

We were in and out of there in less than an hour and a half. Any longer and I think both of us would have gone bonkers. I'm glad we had most things planned as it can be an overwhelming environment.

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