Friday, September 22, 2006

As a campus recruiter, September, October, November, January and February are busy months and the business has started. I was in Montreal and Edmonton this week and it was the worst trip ever. Between lost luggage, misplaced display booths (many of them), I'm glad the week is over but the hell starts again Monday with going to Kingston and then Atlanta. For an idea of how much I travel for work, I made Elite status this week.

Quite a bit of wedding-related events and items purchased. I'll give a quick overview and post pictures when I get a chance.

Wedding registry updates at the Bay and Homeoutfitters... So far so good. Deleted what was "quick-started'" at the National Bridal Show and picked a couple things at each store... We didn't pick china or flatware yet. Too many choices! Hard to match towels to our bath mat - next time we've got to bring it in and not just a thread sample.

My rose for my hair from Lindsay Designs came in. It's pretty and I'll definitely wear it in my hair.

Tracy lent to me her veil and I'll have a picture of both the rose and veil together in my hair.

I bid on some ivory ribbon for a sash for my dress on eBay and its here too! I was going to go with pink but don't want to to distract from my dress. I may not go with any at all but we'll see.

I got my something blue dress tag. It looks good and can't wait to have it sewn in my dress.

Speaking of my dress, its on its way! It should be here in about a week. I won't be posting a picture directly on this site (since Shaun does read it) but will link it for your viewing pleasure.

I'm running this Sunday in the Scotiabank Waterfront Half Marathon. I hope it's good weather and not too chilly.

I may be posting sporadically but I'll have pictures up soon.

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