Friday, May 25, 2007

Melanoma - A cancer that we should be more aware of

With the wedding only a day away, I'm excited but restless. Woke up super early, checked my messageboards and found a very sad story on this blog:

Not a very long blog and definitely worth reading. Start reading from May 2006.

I know this is somber from a bride-to-be but this is something that we should be all aware of. Sarah is 30 years old and dying from a preventable cancer. This really hits home as she's the same age and just got married two years ago.

With summer upon, we need to take more care applying sunblock and not going to the tanning beds!

I know everyone laughed at me when I said I've been wearing SPF55 on my face when I run but please make sure you take care of your skin. We have our SPF45 packed for our honeymoon.

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