Thursday, March 15, 2007

Bridal Shower

My Bridal Shower was on Sunday and here is a review that I posted on a couple of boards - pardon my laziness!

My girls planned the whole thing and while it wasn't a surprise, there were some surprise elements and it was planned well.

We had about 30 of my close family and friends in attendance and it was a tropical-themed potluck shower held at my MOH's party room.

My girls had a scrapbook table where everyone got to do a page and if they wished, include the recipe of the dish that they brought.

We played the traditional games but one with a twist. For the trivia game, instead of chewing gum or another penalty, I had to drink a shot of raspberry vodka for every wrong answer! They had some tricky questions too like FH's first school and of course I got them wrong. Thank goodness I got to sip the vodka instead or I would have had to take about 5 shots and be completely wasted at my own shower.

We also played the purse game as well as a game where the guests had to guess what 24 items I would bring on my honeymoon. I tried to keep it PG but my aunts and friends came up with some raunchy answers.

My MOH knew that we had a honeymoon registry and instead of online contributions subject to a service charge, she put together a honeymoon registry package (similar to the setup online) and spread the word to the guests. This worked amazingly well and we can pay off about a third of the honeymoon! I also got some gifts off our registry.

My BM got the cutest shower favours for everyone off - fortune cookie shaped soaps with a "fortune" in it with "Lisa & Shaun" and our wedding date. Overall, it was wonderful and great to have all (if not most of) the ladies I care about in one room.

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